My mission is to educate people about food and to clear up the nutrition myths that surround and confuse us on a daily basis.

There’s no bullshit here. No quick fix. No “6 weeks to flat abs”. Just real advice, coaching, and accountability, that brings real results. That’s where I come in. I’m not about ‘diets’. I’m about lifestyle changes that make a big difference.


I formed Next Step Nutrition back in September 2016 to pursue my passion of improving people’s health and fitness. My own journey with fitness began back in 2009 when I started going to the gym to fill the gap from playing rugby.

I then found CrossFit in 2010 and became a CF-L1 instructor in 2012. This led me down the path of learning more and getting more coaching experience, before becoming a full-time trainer at Reebok CrossFit Thames in London in 2014. I coached at Reebok CrossFit Thames full time up until September 2016 and it was during 2016 that the idea for Next Step Nutrition was born.

I had always struggled with nutritional knowledge and discipline. I wasn’t sure what to eat, when, and got confused by the sheer amount of information out there. I would cycle between eating ridiculously strict and ‘clean’ and then have the most epic cheat days/weekends which just lead me back to square one.

Sound familiar?

Through my time I have tried numerous dietary approaches all to end up at more or less the same point. This was when I decided to hire a coach myself. Through the work with this nutrition coach, and my own research, I was able to learn about nutritional science, and what actually matters when trying to make a change.

This inspired me to complete the Precision Nutrition Level One certification and to start helping my own clients with their lifestyle and nutrition habits.

I am a big believer of continued learning and self-development and as such continue to read up to date nutrition and fitness research reviews from some of the best in the world. I also continue to attend nutrition and fitness conferences so that I’m up to date with the latest research and how this applies to people just like you

“I had always trained hard, focusing on my CrossFit performance, but I was let down by my nutrition”

I am a Mac-Nutrition University Certified Nutritionist and OPEX Fitness CCP Coach. This means I have been educated to the highest level on both nutrition and fitness coaching from the world’s best sources of information.

Not only that, but I combine this education with real world experience working with people just like you. I can change your life and give you the tools necessary for you to maintain your results.

There are no quick fixes. There’s no magic bullet. The only thing that exists are principles and how you can apply these to your lifestyle.

If you want to stop the Yo-Yo diets and transform your life, then you’ve come to the right place.

You are an individual, your fitness plan and approach should take this into account, that’s where I come in.

Are you ready to take the Next Step with your nutrition?