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You should work with me if...

  • You're fed up of strict diets
  • You're ready to make a change
  • You've been failed by diets & programs in the past
  • You're sick of counting calories with no direction
  • You've had it with all or nothing approaches
  • You want results that last.


Individual Nutrition Consulting involves me building a relationship with you, providing you with plans and strategies made just for you. So you can get results that last.

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Do you want to:


  1. Improve your day to day energy?
  2. Remove your fear of food and social events?
  3. Look better naked?
  4. Live a balanced, healthy life?
  5. Gain muscle or drop body fat?



If so, you need this service. After working with me you will have all the tools you need to leave diets behind and live the life you want

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Your plan to results that last

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3. Get Results That Last

Meet Your Coach - Jonny Landels

Few people know how to get people results that last as I do. As an MNU Certified Nutritionist and CEO of Next Step Nutrition, I have helped many people just like you improve their relationship with food and live a healthy, balanced life.


In this service, I'll help you build the habits and knowledge you need to leave dieting and nutrition confusion behind. I have particular skills in building relationships with people to help them align their choices with their priorities, avoid fear, and guide them towards their goals.

Are You Confused About Food & Exercise?

What do i get with this service?

Online Client Portal

This mobile-friendly site holds your progress, direct message access to your coach, tons of resources and a detailed check-in form so we can get the best results together.


Weekly Nutrition Consults

After our first 90-minute consultation we will have 30-minute video consults each week to build habits and overcome whatever life throws at you.


Individual Plans & Strategies

Everyone is different, their nutrition plan reflects this. I'll provide you with a plan and strategies to meet you where you're at so you make progress from day one.


Results For Life

I want you to NOT need me. I'm not like diets or big gyms who rely on you coming back over and over again. I want you to maintain these habits for life.